“In my seven years of judging at the event, I can’t recall a brand of tequila performing better,” says Robert Plotkin. “As one of the co-host judges, I can assure you the quality of the entries was top-notch, which makes the brand’s accomplishments all the more impressive.”

“Skloss, a born and raised Texas boy, is creating his own memorable bout with tequila. And it involves the good stuff… very good stuff.”

“Pura Vida Tequila Company has coerced Modesto Nunez del Toro, previously senior manager for Patron, from retirement to be its Director of Operations-Mexico. A major player in the boutique tequila market.”

“For refined palates and those who enjoy sipping their spirits slowly, there’s no other way to go.”

“You might also want to try [Pura Vida Silver] with the Pura Vida Sangrita on the side. Best described as a Mexican Bloody Mary mix. A secret family recipe produced in small batches.”
– Daily Food & Wine

“Step aside Patron… thanks to Pura Vida millions of Texans have access to some of the best 100% blue agave tequilas on the market”
– Gourmet Amore

Pura Vida is the only tequila in the world that breathes a scent of history into each taste.
– Tequilatown

I’m not a big añejo guy, as most people know, but I could sip this juice all night long. The añejo is la crema de Pura Vida, with a TASTE AS BIG AS TEXAS! Five Pencas.
– Rancho Tequila

“The Silver is one of the best I have ever tasted… the drinkability is amazing. Great quality for low-cost”
– Austin

“It’s a lot better than the best, but don’t take our word for it. Try it out yourself. [Pura Vida] is the best blanco tequila I’ve tasted”
– HoustonPress

“Wow… it’s outstanding! They have got one hell of a tequila on their hands. I think they made a winner”
– Tequila Aficionado

“Throw in the fact that anything Texas is kind of hip right now… Pura Vida is on the map.”

“Skloss has a hot commodity on his hands. Pura Vida sales in 2011 are four times more than he expected”
– Houston Business Journal

“The quest for [Naranja], the original Mexican-made orange liqueur, no longer requires a trip across the border. For years, Americans have had to bring the coveted bottles back to the States, but now, it’s available as Naranja on shelves in the U.S.”

“With a triple-distilled ultra-premium tequila created from pure agave estate grown in the Highlands of Jalisco… this party is just getting started.”

“When you take the first sip [of The Gibbons cocktail] the palate is amused. Then you relax and take another sip and think, Hey, this is good!”

“Pura Vida Gold is my bottle of choice… perfectly smooth with a light finish”

“Pura Vida enlivens any occasion with exceptional purity, taste and finish. Arouse your senses as Pura Vida transforms the most pedestrian cocktail into the über, mack daddy concoction of them all.”