Pura Vida Agave Nectar

Sweeter than sugar and smoother than honey.

Pura Vida Agave Nectar is a 100% organic and all-natural sweetener. Bottled from the source in Jalisco, Pura Vida agave nectars are gluten free, allergen free and have a low Glycemic Index, so you can avoid energy spikes that occur with other sugars.

Whether you use it to sweeten your coffee, as a recipe substitute or in your favorite cocktails, agave nectar is 1.4 times sweeter than sugar so you can use less and reduce calories. Pura Vida Agave Nectars are the perfect sweet source to balance the tartness and sour in your favorite Mexican Margarita.

Available in full flavor and light, Pura Vida Agave Nectars are a healthy, easy, and natural choice!