Drink Tequila Like a Boss


Tequila, especially Pura Vida’s organic, small-batch spirits, is no longer a party lubricant to slam down your gullet with a lick of salt, wedge of lime, and a prayer the following morning doesn’t begin with a nasty hangover. The days of Tequila Mixtos, low-grade agave nectar mixed with non-agave sugars, are past. Now is the age of Jalisco-born, officially-regulated, 100% agave-smooth spirits enjoyed in high-end cocktails and (surprise!) by sipping.

Since Pura Vida works passionately to cultivate and perfect our boutique beverages to highlight the complex range of flavors of our beloved high-altitude-sweetened agave, sipping from appropriate glassware is highly recommended. The budding tequila enthusiast will reach instinctively for a shot glass, but wait a minute! The miniscule space provided by these tiny glasses robs you of a larger sensory experience.

We at Pura Vida suggest pouring your favorite PV tequila in a rocks or white wine glass in order to allow the aromas of our distilled agaves to aerate and bloom, such an oenophile does with fine wine. And, like a wine enthusiast, take your time rediscovering and enjoying tequila by utilizing traditional full-sensory wine tasting etiquette.

First, hold up your glass and admire the purity of color. Marvel at the crystal clarity of the triple-distilled beauty of our Pura Vida Silver and the range of luscious amber shades of our Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo tequilas. All of our aged spirits are all ripened in second-generation oaken bourbon and cognac barrels.

Then, wave a hand over the top of your glass and breathe in the various scents brought out of the agave and our barrels through the aging process. You should catch the notes of mint and agave’s spice in our young Silver and the jasmine, vanilla, pineapple, ginger and oak hints in our matured Reposados and Añejos.

Now, slowly take a sip and observe the mouth-feel of each type of tequila. Since Pura Vida starts every batch by distilling and straining each three times, our tequilas are some of the smoothest on the market. The only “catch” you may feel on your tongue is the honeyed heft of the Añejos as they gain body with the caramelization of their sugars through the years’ long maturation process.

And while you roll those sensuous sips of Pura Vida around your mouth and over your whole palate, observe each flavor-profile. Do you taste the jasmine, agave, and slightly peppery finish we’ve found in our Silver? How about the bit of mint and lighter jasmine notes intertwined with the sweet notes of oak, chocolate and vanilla in our Reposado? In the Añejo, do you taste the deeper vanilla tones with some raisin, coffee, and peppered floral brought out of the oak barrel too? And, finally, in the Extra Añejo, can you identify a more exotically fruity profile, including undertones of lychee and guava mixed with the spicy oak and subtly grassy herbaceous flavors? Do you taste other flavors?

So, throw the salt and shot glasses over your shoulder and hit any devils lurking there urging you to waste precious and delicious pours of Pura Vida by slamming shots. Instead, order up a pairing of Silver and Sangrita (read more below) for a new-to-you flavor experience. Or request any Pura Vida Tequila neat in a rocks glass, sans rocks, turn to your neighbor, and spread some educational wealth about your favorite liquor. Sip the good life together!