Meet Our President / COO: Steve Swaim

With Pura Vida poised for rapid growth in 2018, it’s with excitement and pleasure that we announce Steven Swaim has stepped in as our new president and COO.

Steven brings with him extensive and diverse professional experience, including fifteen years in the investment banking industry. He also has twenty years of leadership experience guiding early-stage companies to their financial goals and the next level of industry success. Steven has shown his acumen for successfully building businesses—as well as his willingness to roll up his sleeves and do the work.

Steven is a seasoned president, COO, and marketer who has had an impressive track record of financial success everywhere he’s gone. With his experience and credentials, Steven has proven he’s uniquely positioned to guide Pura Vida to our next level.

Throughout his career, Steven has repeatedly proven to be a forward thinking and progressive executive. As a founding member of Splash Media and Spark 360, Steven was a big proponent and early adopter of social media marketing practices. With these tactics, Steven helped take his company from conception to $12 million in revenue over two short years. Steven was also integral in high-profile promotions, such as Bud Light’s Super Bowl campaign. Pura Vida is excited and ready for all the opportunities that lie ahead under his guidance.

With every step, Pura Vida seeks to become the leading premium tequila brand on the market, and we’re confident Steven can help us get there—even in our always-evolving, competitive market. With Steven’s placement and the recent Milestone partnership, 2017 has certainly been a busy year for us, and everyone on the Pura Vida team is ready to hit the ground running toward our financial, marketing, and brand goals.

Again, we’re so pleased to welcome Steven to the Pura Vida team! If you want to contact him directly, he can be reached at