SangriTa, Not Sangria…


Sangrita, Spanish for “little blood”, is the traditional Mexican potion with which those in the know pair with their favorite glasses of Pura Vida Silver or ReposadoTequilas. Those who are REALLY in the know, choose Pura Vida’s El Guapo’s Handmade Sangrita to create the magic of an authentic Mexican flavor adventure.

The origin story of Sangrita is debated as to the whom and the how of its beginnings, but many sources agree its popularity arose in Mexico’s Jalisco region around the 1920s as a method to cut the sting of earlier, homemade tequilas. As tequila evolved into a smooth and choice spirit of discerning palates, it’s pairing with sangrita advanced in sophistication, too.

Sangrita is made from the blending of tomato juice (or pomegranate juice – another long-standing debate), orange juice, lime juice, onions, salt, and chilies. The red of the tomato juice gives it its “blood red” color, while the rest of the recipe produces a complex and complimentary flavor partner to the sugars and spices of Pura Vida’s organically grown and carefully cultivated agave goodness.

Our El Guapo’s Handmade Sangrita secret family recipe was perfected with a tomato juice base to complement the nuanced flavors of our Pura Vida Tequilas. And earns its gourmet status by being prepared in small, boutique batches while only using the finest all-natural, organic ingredients.

So, next time you crave a “spirited” trip down to Jalisco, order up a Banderita (“little flag”) – a glass each of lime juice, your favorite Pura Vida Tequila (Silver or Reposado – recommend), and El Guapo’s Handmade Sangrita, the colors of your sips mirroring the colors of the Mexican flag. Enjoy a genuine Mexican experience… Sip the Good Life!